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The Team


If buildings are the backbone of a hotel establishment, then the employees are surely the lifeblood. This philosophy guides the Indian Ocean Lodge’s mission to provide a uniquely authentic Seychelles atmosphere, and it all begins with our people.


The Indian Ocean Lodge is proud to be one of the few establishments of its size with a fully localised workforce – each and every one of our employees is a Seychellois. From our General Manager, through our Culinary Team, to our friendly ground staff, our team of friendly locals is on hand to make your stay in Seychelles unforgettable.


This hiring discipline goes hand-in-hand with an approach that places emphasis on our team goals, and less focus on job titles and individual responsibilities. Whether that means the general manager waiting tables at dinner, or the front office staff assisting with the nightly turn-down service, this cross-functional style ensures our staff never miss an opportunity to go the extra mile for our guests.



The Community


The private and secluded grounds of the Indian Ocean Lodge provide a sanctuary for our guests, but venturing out of the hotel and into the village of Grande Anse has its own rewards.


Just steps away you’ll find a community of friendly faces going about their daily lives - school children in brightly coloured uniforms, busy mothers tending to household shopping, or an elderly gentleman out on a stroll. As small as the village may be, within walking distance are bus stops, banks, a fisherman’s market, football pitch, churches, a community centre and an array of shops and boutiques.


100% Seychellois workforce, 100% authentic Seychelles experience