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4°19’ South and 55°42’ East

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With so many surrounding islands, and long stretches of relatively shallow water between them, the marine ecosystems around Praslin offer fantastic snorkelling and diving opportunities. Several operators conduct diving and snorkelling trips around Praslin and its nearby islands. Many guests take advantage of our free shuttle to Cote D’Or in order to join the excursions available at the dive centres located along this beautiful stretch of beach.


Spa & Other Activities


Our reception will be glad to assist with booking arrangements for any number of other activities, such as massages and other treatments at the various spas around the island.


Things To Do on Praslin

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Neighbouring Islands

About Praslin

A variety of unique satellite islands are in close proximity to Praslin, and excursions are available to visit most of them. The islands of Cousin and Cousine can be seen from the hotel. While Cousine is a private island resort . . .

While our very own Blue Marlin Restaurant caters to our guests with great satisfaction for breakfast, lunch, dinner and anything in between, you can also find an array of interesting food options elsewhere around the island . . .


For most visitors, a holiday to Seychelles is not complete without mention of Praslin. Wonderful beaches, natural attractions and a range of different activities and nearby islands to visit make Praslin an ideal base for exploring the rest of the archipelago.

Dining Out



With beautiful coves and bays around every corner, sailing in Seychelles is a rewarding experience. Monohulls and catamarans, with or without crews, are available for guests to enjoy a leisurely day of sailing around the islands.


Big Game Fishing & Boat Charters


A number of boat operators provide charter services for those seeking a private boating experience around the islands. Boat charters offer a great degree of flexibility, whether you’re an avid fisherman, a beginner out to learn the nuances of trolling for big game or bottom-fishing, or simply seeking a day out on the sea roaming between islands. A list of different operators and packages are available at our reception.

Nature Trails


In addition to the Vallée de Mai, there are several other walks and trails that can be enjoyed on the island. Taking the Mont Plaisir bus up as far as it can go, will lead you to a fairly easy walk downhill along the other side of the slope, and spilling right out onto Anse Lazio beach. The Glacis Noir trail, located adjacent to the Vallée de Mai, winds its way toward an amazing viewpoint over the entire island.

Fond Ferdinand is another ecologically important area on Praslin, with several different types of habitats and offering a unique chance to see freshwater river eels. Several other trails criss-cross the entire island but may require quite a bit of time to complete. More information about the trails and how to organise guided tours are available at our reception.

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