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4°19’ South and 55°42’ East

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Discover Magnificent Praslin



For most visitors, a holiday to Seychelles is not complete without mention of Praslin. Wonderful beaches, natural attractions and a range of different activities and nearby islands to visit make Praslin an ideal base for exploring the rest of the archipelago.  


The second largest island of the Seychelles’ inner archipelago, Praslin is renowned for its exquisite beauty and tranquil island lifestyle. Originally coined the ‘isle of palms’ by the French explorer Lazare Picault, the island is characterised by its dense forests, white-sand beaches and surrounding waters of every conceivable tone of blue and green.


The island itself is hub to some of the best island hopping excursions to neighbouring islands like Mahe, La Digue, Cousin, Aride which are important sanctuaries, nurturing rare species of endemic flora and fauna.


The most famous attraction on Praslin is the Vallée-de-Mai nature reserve, which over a century ago was proclaimed as the 'original Garden of Eden'.  The nature reserve is home to the native coco-de-mer, which is also the largest nut in the world and which in ancient times, was thought to have originated from giant trees under the sea.  


The nuts were so treasured that only royalty were allowed to own then and even to this day their distribution is strictly restricted.  The Vallée-De-Mai with its cascading waterfalls is also home to the native Black Parrot and the Seychelles Bulbul.


Praslin is often heralded as 'having the best beaches on the planet'.  In fact, one of its beaches, Anse Lazio, is listed as the third most beautiful beach in the world by the Guinness Book of Records.


With just 5,000 residents or so, the pace of life on Praslin remains unhurried for the locals, and even less so for the visitors that call it paradise.

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Neighbouring Islands

Things to do on Praslin

A variety of unique satellite islands are in close proximity to Praslin, and excursions are available to visit most of them. The islands of Cousin and Cousine can be seen from the hotel. While Cousine is a private island resort . . .

While our very own Blue Marlin Restaurant caters to our guests with great satisfaction for breakfast, lunch, dinner and anything in between, you can also find an array of interesting food options elsewhere around the island . . .


From exploring the maginicent Vallee De Mai and other amazing nature trails across Praslin, to relaxing on unspoilt beaches, heading offshore to try your hand at big game fishing or dipping beneath the waves for a thrilling diving experience.

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