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4°19’ South and 55°42’ East

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About Praslin

From exploring the maginicent Vallee De Mai and other amazing nature trails across Praslin, to relaxing on unspoilt beaches, heading offshore to try your hand at big game fishing or dipping beneath the waves for a thrilling diving experience.


While our very own Blue Marlin Restaurant caters to our guests with great satisfaction for breakfast, lunch, dinner and anything in between, you can also find an array of interesting food options elsewhere around the island . . .


For most visitors, a holiday to Seychelles is not complete without mention of Praslin. Wonderful beaches, natural attractions and a range of different activities and nearby islands to visit make Praslin an ideal base for exploring the rest of the archipelago.

Dining Out

A variety of unique satellite islands are in close proximity to Praslin, and excursions are available to visit most of them.


The islands of Cousin and Cousine can be seen from the hotel. While Cousine is a private island resort, Cousin is a wildlife reserve that offers visitors the chance to see several of Seychelles endemic bird species and other flora and fauna. The island is open Mondays to Fridays and guided tours are available.


Aride is a nature reserve that has been called the ‘seabird citadel’ of the Indian Ocean. Guided tours bring guests along a path toward a cliff-top view, with many endemic birds and species that can be seen. Excursions are possible between October and May but the island is closed to visitors from June to September, when beach landings are not possible for outsiders.


Curieuse lies a short distance north from Praslin, inside a nationally protected marine park. The island itself is a reserve, the only inhabitants being the marine park rangers entrusted with managing and protecting the island’s ecology. There are several areas of interest here, including a boardwalk that traverses over an ecologically important mangrove forest. Curieuse is also home to a giant tortoise conservation project, and a small museum commemorates the island’s history as a former leper colony, along with the efforts of the doctor who was stationed there.


Lying inside the boundary of the Curieuse Marine Park, the rocky outcrop of St Pierre can be seen from Cote D’or beach. This granite formation, with its handful of palms standing watch over the surrounding turquoise waters, is a favourite snorkelling and diving spot and an iconic Seychelles photo opportunity.

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